Author Interview- In conversation with Sumathi Kulkarni

Sumathi Kulkarni has more than twenty-five years of teaching experience, with a post-graduate degree in English, a post-graduate teaching certificate, and a post-graduate diploma in teaching certificate, and a post-graduate diploma in teaching English from English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU).

A few of her writings have been published in Newspapers, Femina, Frozen Thoughts and a couple of defence magazines.

We are not any less than proud to have you here with us ma’am. A lady that inspires and motivates at the same time to fulfil the dreams of oneself and when it comes to living up to your dreams, no obstacle can be big enough. You inspire us, ma’am. 

Here is a part of the conversation she had with me…


Author Sumathi Kulkarni

I would like to introduce you to our readers, please tell something about yourself.

I have worked as a teacher for the last 25 years and was so involved that I could not go for book writing due to constraints of time. I am married to a defence personnel and come from a defence background. I had written articles in Femina, Frozen thoughts, a couple of defence magazines and articles in local newspapers.

My first book was BOUQUET OF BRAINWAVES, an amalgamation of articles and poems. Again my second book belongs to the genre of non-fiction.  A tale of two dogs in STRING OF PEARLS is purely a collection of POEMS.

I am an animal lover.

I love to travel, see and observe places.

Tell me something about the book. Why you took up this genre? What can a reader expect from this book?

Basically, I am a sensitive person which is clearly reflected in my poems. It may be about animals, girls, women or spirituality touch the core of the reader. It is nothing but sensitivities expressed through experiences.

As an English teacher I loved teaching life, in other words, literature is nothing but life itself.  This can be experienced in Shakespearean dramas which are universal as they mirror life. I learnt to play with words. A couple of poems are evidential.

I took up this genre as I was able to put across my thoughts effortlessly.

A reader can experience through my effortlessly flowing thoughts. One comes across out of box ideas irrespective of one agrees or not. Understands the hearts of animals.

Feels one with weaker or socially downtrodden sex.

Sometimes one dive to the depth of spirituality and at times goes beyond skies to reach the unknown.

Who are your favourite authors? How often do you read?

 I don’t have any favourite authors rather I read only newspapers and magazines and spend more time in writing. I love to express myself.

What challenges have you faced while penning down this book? How you overcome them?

 My main challenge was to write along with babysitting my grandson.  Other than this probably things were smooth writing comes to me effortlessly.

What was the best feedback you got for your work and from whom?

 Life is struggling irrespective of humans or animals which come out as the main essence. A close critic’s feedback was it is depressing quite a few times. That is what life is most of the times. My day was done as it touches the core of your being.

How was your experience with leadstart publishers?

 It was very smooth and supportive. Not to forget it is an expensive hobby to publish a book.

 How you keep yourself motivated to write more?

I have been teaching throughout. In the process learnt a lot by observing and experiencing. It gets processed in my being and struggles to come out. That motivates me to write.

Generally, how much time you dedicated to writing while framing this book?

 About two hours early in the morning when I am fresh.

How has leadstart helped you in growing as an author?

I came across so many things which I did not know.  This interview is certainly one of them.

What advice would you like to give to the budding authors?

 Every one can not write. There is something in you which makes you write. If that life force propels you to write then these budding writers should go ahead and write.

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