Book Review- A Tale of Two Dogs in String of Pearls by Sumathi Kulkarni

Paperback: 112 pages

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing 

Language: English


A retired teacher, Sumathi Kulkarni lives in India and believes that “The unique characteristic of my country is its multiplicity of culture, language, and religion that binds its people to weave into a spiritually beautiful nation. It is rich in its heritage spread throughout the length and breadth of its land. One life is insufficient to understand its beauty of existence.”



A Tale Of Two Dogs in String Of Pearls by Sumathi Kulkarni


In a Glance:

This book is a collection of poems which are associated with the day to day life and it’s a small packet of musings that enables one to find happiness in little things around.


The poems are crafted in simple yet appealing manner and lingers in mind for a while. The poems being mainly associated with the pets and animals takes the reader very close to nature and allows you to dwell in the serene beauty of nature and innocence of animals.

My Verdict:

This book can be a pure delight to all those who want to be lost in poetic muse and have a soft corner for animals and nature. My favourite poems being Baby Dale, Screaming Lake!!, Blossom of Life, Knots of thoughts, My Freedom, Female is divine and A tale of two dogs…


3/5 (Poetry lovers this one is for you!)

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