Book Review- The Youngster Who Became a Spy by Sanjay B. Tari

Paperback: 196 pages

Publisher: Frog Books 

Language: English


“The book is a thriller, set in the 3rd and 4th Century AD, about a youngster who navigates his way through to the upper echelons of the state’s administration through determination. The newly acquired territory of Kaunse, in the ancient kingdom is at the crossroads of conspiracy. Deepo, a dynamic youngster, who is a typical citizen, rises to the occasion of spying for his beloved kingdom. His effort, skill, dedication, and an uncanny ability to survive and thrive in the utmost inhospitable conditions, save the kingdom from disaster on more than two occasions. The visionary emperor alters the way of thinking of the common man and in the process enriches the entire administrative machinery. The spy, the emperor, or his advisors are unaware about the threats to their kingdom. A certain turn of events over a period causes uneasiness within the empire. A thrilling training of spies, their tests, a meticulously planned intelligence operation, and chase, and finally the search of the unknown follows.”


In a glance:

The story has been set up in the 3rd century. It’s a story of courage and patriotism that has been carried by Deepo — A youngster who saved his kingdom by his dedication, skill and uncanny ability to survive.It is a thriller cradled in the lap of history…


Sanjay has done a commendable job in his debut book as he opted for an unusual genre and his well-researched narration is reflected in the narration. Though the story loses its track in first-half but gets a gripping comeback in the second half. Overall we can say that the narration is average but I appreciate the level of research done for the text.


Characters are lively and play their respective roles in such a way that it leaves you to spell bound at times. Deepo being the main lead has all the charms and qualities to get all your attention throughout the read.

My Verdict:

The youngster who became a spy is a book which would be enjoyed by teenagers and can be read for a weekend getaway. Being set up in an early era the book is a good work of fiction and has a grasping narration which can bind the readers. Deepo being a face of change and courage has a story that should be read and enjoyed thoroughly.


3/5 ( Grab it if You want to read historical-thrillers)







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