Hearing can lead to healing| Mental Health and my bit of making people love themselves.

I am happy that after celebrating all sorts of fancy days we came up with idea of mulling over this essential yet less talked about issue– mental health. The consequences that one faces with mental illness are the darkest pages of anyone’s existence, they’ll continue to be but in our country people are scared to be vocal about it as mental illness can easily misunderstood as mental disorder.

The darkness of mental trauma was experienced by one of my dear friend’s wife as she was physically incompetent to give birth. She faced a miscarriage during her first pregnancy and was never able to cope up with the loss. The after effects started taking a toll on her health– physically and mentally. Over the time her situation deteriorated as she used to get stress pangs and things used to go dark around her– she became over concerned about losing anything– she won’t let any of her belongings to be out of her sight. She knew it was not normal and was brave enough to accept her. She and her man talked about it and decided to seek medical help without informing their in-laws and I knew all this because I was glad to help them whenever they needed and in whichever way they needed. Losing people and losing a child has a huge difference, she held my hand once and squeezed it really hard as she told me that even sight of any child reminds her that she was unable to raise one. It broke my heart, for that split second I looked into her eyes and thought that she will never heal and all the efforts that we are making will go in vain. It was not just difficult for her to come out of that suffocating cocoon but was also difficult for people to see her struggling. I saw the couple crying and hiding tears from eachother. Thankfully, their resistance and proper treatment paid off as the counselling sessions became less frequent, and prescriptions became shorter and her eyes were not pale and sick anymore. It has been four years since this process finished and now she’s helping other moms by managing a creche with her team. Pause here and think about the woman who was not comfortable with a glimpse of any child is now happy to see children blooming around her.
The sole motive of me telling you this incident was, that you can heal no matter how deep was the blow. One should realise that it is not okay to zone out in middle of the road and stand blank in mid of nowhere– it is not okay to keep yourself busy in order to avoid visiting the dingy corners of your soul– It is not okay to term anxiety as stress– it is not okay to be sleepless and tired. Look deeper in yourself and don’t take symptoms casually, dwell in your soul with some light; if there happen to be any dark corners within then feel free to speak about it to anyone who cares. If you’re unable to find anyone then I will be all ears to you, without being judgemental. No matter whether you’re a girl or boy and from whichever part of the world you belong, if you think you want to be heard then shoot a mail to me at sharmavaidehi21@gmail.com

Have faith, we all can heal together. 🙂