Book Review| Woman with many faces| Arpan Banerjee

About the author:

Arpan Banerjee was born in the year 1964, in Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Calcutta University, and is presently working in a private manufacturing unit in Jamshedpur. He is an ardent reader and lover of literature and art. A newcomer in this path he tries to evoke the complexity and simplicity in the life of a ‘Woman’, as a mother, wife, secretary, student, friend, and girlfriend. Through the three short stories in this book, he has made an attempt to portray the various faces of a woman. There are sentimental, passionate, tender, un-ethical, and loving moments in every woman’s life which this fiction evolves into. WOMAN with MANY FACES Read, you shall discover!

In a glance:

The book appears to me like a female oriented novel in the first look, but as one flips through the pages- 3 beautiful short stories unfold. The stories picture different shades of women.

My verdict:

Strong firm and fragile- A woman being a melange of all the qualities mentioned above. The author has taken a step to project women in all the scenarios and they turn out best in all of them.

This book being a combination of three stories present different faces of women and hence the title stands apt for the book. The book cover and the narration style of author, pictures a melodious tuning of his thoughts. This being a debut book has a potential to attract readers (specifically females and males who want to understand females better).

I will conclude it on a note that this is a fictional representation of author’s observations which seeps into the reader.


4/5 (Pick it now!)

Book Review- The Crossroads by Sudipta Mukherjee


“The Crossroads is a story of Aparajita Basu, a girl from a humble household of Kolkata, who tears away from her family to settle her roots in America, with her childhood friend, Aniruddha. To Aparajita, he is everything she ever wanted. Love dwindles slowly. Fate turns in a blink. Dishearten, she returns, not to her hometown but to a different city, where she finds herself a stranger. Haunted by her disturbed thoughts, obsessed by that one name, she finds no escape… until she discovers herself standing on a new crossroads. An ordinary girl, who loses herself to love. A lover, who turns out to be a betrayer. A friendship born on a stormy night. Wisdom bred out of miseries. A homecoming that completes one full cycle. Three Cities… Two Friends… One Girl… One Story. ”



In A Glance:

As the blurb specifies, this book is about a girl who flies off to fulfil her dreams and get settled in America. This is a story of being rooted and returning back to the soil in which you grow. A story of its own kind.


 The narration and storyline is intact — which goes well with the characters and the book. Falling in love — budding dreams — ambitions — and all of it crashed suddenly with a thud — how life is transformed with the series of such events. This book offers a captivating account of that. 


 The characters go well with the storyline but the story creates a bit boredom in first half but the characters never felt falling apart from the storyline. 

My Verdict:

The genre is unique yet alluring to the readers. I would like to congratulate the author for making a brave choice for her debut book. The book showcases the life transforming journey of Aparajita Basu. The story and narration being appreciable for a debut author and the storyline has been kept intact; which can hook the reader till the end. 


3/5 ( a good read for people who love to travel a lot!) 

Book Review- Empire of the Gods by Rajendra Kher

Paperback: 168 pages

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Private Limited 

Language: English


Who were the Gods? Were they super-humans who came to Earth from outside our solar system? Were these aliens considered Gods by early Man because they arrived in illuminated spacecraft and possessed advanced knowledge?
Were these ‘Gods’ responsible for establishing religion on Earth?
What do the Inca, Maya, Sumer and Indian civilisations tell us of the existence of Gods?
Are the Seven Worlds (likes), the territory of the Gods? What happened to them? Where did they vanish?
Empire of the Gods delves with defining insight into the proofs that exist in scientific research, the writings of eminent thinkers, as well as India’s ancient scriptures and epics, about the presence, activities and characters of the Gods.
It also looks at how to attain the bliss promised by the Gods, the existence of an afterlife, and ways of meditation free from ritual.
This deeply researched and riveting narrative casts the clear light of logical reason on areas and concepts we have perhaps only imagined or thought of as science fiction.


In a Glance:

This is a non-fictional read and belongs to a very unusual genre — Our existence. This book throws questions at you and helps you dwell in the answers as well. The story is divided into three parts. In the first part, the author talks about the Devas as the super humans. He tries to link the flying chariots with the outer space objects and presents Devas as the Superhumans. The second part dwells on the formation of the world and the creators. The third and conclusive part preaches about the theories of karma.


The narration of this book is very intriguing and enchanting. It can be understood from the fact that I devoured this one in one sitting as it quizzes the reader and keeps dwelling on the answers at the same time. I cannot say that this book is solving the mysteries of human existence but this surely is going to make a few things clear. The theory of karma and the rise of virtuousness being my favourite chapters. We cannot talk about the characters of this book because there aren’t any precise characters to be described.

My Verdict:

This book gives a light to your intellectual sight and clears out the vision which is quite necessary to be done for the youth in the current scenario. I think this book is a must read for everyone as it introduces a very intense topic in a very light and cosy manner. The book doesn’t create boredom and keeps going with the flow that remains uninterrupted with the flowing narration.


4/5 (Pick this one if you like to read spiritual stuff!)

Book Review- The Girl Who Knew Too Much by Vikrant Khanna

Can true love bring someone back from the dead? Akshara is left devastated by her mother’s death and spends most of her time in solitude at the local park. One day, as she is sobbing uncontrollably, a young man named Harry approaches her. They become friends and Harry recounts to her a story about the miraculous reunion of a young woman and her dead boyfriend to help ease some of her pain. The story makes Akshara hopeful that she can perhaps see her dead mother again. But she soon realizes that Harry isn’t what he seems to be. Even the characters in his story seem dubious, almost unreal. So what is he hiding? And why? Is there any truth to his story at all? In this darkly suspenseful romance mystery, Akshara is left facing a truth that will make her doubt not just Harry but herself as well . . .


In a glance:

It is a story of being broken and being healed altogether. The story that stirs your insides and then allows for soothing as well. Losing loved ones has never been easy and it has to occur to every one of us. This is the story of a young girl who lost her mother in a car accident — a journey of how she soothed herself and what all came in her way while doing so.


Vikrant Khanna has done proper justice to his characters. May it be Akshara going down to the garden or Harry reciting the story of Sahiba. The narration is however appreciable but has lost the track on storyline sometimes hence creating boredom in the first-half. Though, it will grip you firmly as it proceeds. The climax and the conclusion make it worth reading.

Title and Book Cover:

The Title is apt but I found it bit too long for a book. The book cover, on the other hand, is good enough for a story like this.


4/5 ( A good one time read)

Book Review-Honor for a Ransom by Rajnish Gambhir

Author: Rajnish Gambhir
Publisher: Frog Books
Printed Price: 375 INR.
Genre: Fiction/Romance

April 13th, 1978…
Kartar Singh, an upper caste agriculturist, guns down his newly married daughter Simran and her lower caste husband, for the sake of ‘Upholding Family Honour’. His ex-love, Sarah Jefferson (a British Psychologist) visits him in jail to discover that Kartar has been a victim of ruthless manipulation at the hands of his politician father, Dilawar Singh, who is known to unconditionally despise the lower caste.
Vowing justice for Kartar, Sarah embarks on an intriguing mission, venturing to turn the tables against the unsculpturous Dilawar, who by now is a powerful miniater in Punjab cabinet.
Curiously delving into his boyhood days, she is astonished to learn that young Dilawar was in fact an ‘affable-boy-next-door’ who too had a love life, having lost his heart to a beautiful girl in Lahore…
What then caused this drastic transformation in his attitude and personality?
With the time fast running out, can Sarah succeed in nailing Dilawar as the chief culprit for the honour killings? Will she be able to reunite with Kartar- the only man she ever loved?
A heartrending love story- Honour for a Ransom unfolds through the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, horrifying hazards of partition, romantic strolls by the Thames, and unbending complexities of the rigid caste system.


A story set up in an era when many of us were not grown up enough to understand what our country faced as a whole. A book that describes Pain. Take an example here, you have to choose amongst one of your hands, the other hand will be ripped off. What does it lead to? Pain. That pain is exactly what the author has described in this book. Soul Stirring, is the term for story.
Sneak peek in the story can be like a Father has killed his daughter, take again has killed his daughter for marrying an outcasted man. Kartar Singh – the same man who was earlier himself in spell of love just like his daughter is actually maneuvered by his politician father, Dilawar, to commit the crime. 
Sarah- Kartar’s ex-love comes in the picture and in the sands of past finds out some shell-shocking facts about Dilawar.
Will the justice be served? This story of father-son dilemma, love, caste and partition is just nothing less than a page turner. Though the story seems to be bit elongated but it has not affected the story line!

Positive Punches:
• Page turner! I was not able to put down the book. Completed it in one go!

• Thick narration. Binds the reader.

• Characterisation. Well described characters.

Negative Nudge:
• A sharp nib editing could have helped.
• Book cover, could have been better.

Although, the pace of story remains unaffected. It was an entertaining read!

4/5. (Must read!)

Book review- Love Heals Everything by Akansh Malik

Author: Akansh Malik

Publisher: Petals

Printed Price: 175 INR

Pages: 158

Genre: Fiction



Two people met by chance and fell for each other, wanting to spend the rest of their lives in each other’s arms. Aarush, the handsome hunk, who doesn’t believe in God, falls head over heels in love with religious Aarohi. But things take a sharp turn when Aarohi comes to know that her cousin, who is like her blood sister, has fallen for Aarush as well. Will Aarohi sacrifice her love for her sister or will her sister realise that her love is only one sided? Standing in the middle of this crossroad, what decision will Aarush take? Read and witness a story of blossoming love which unfolds with its own share of trials, tribulations…and triumph!



This is a book which teaches a lot about relations. One quote can describe this book perfectly ie. Falling in love is easy but being in love takes a lot of courage! The book revolves around Aarush; who has lost his father in an unfortunate accident at an early age and Aarohi; who has been brought up by her uncle-aunt after her parents passed away.

Meeting up for first time-calling-texting-dating and falling for each other. Story seems normal till here. Then comes a twist with Kanika; Aarohi’s sister and Aarush’s best friend.

In the chain of events..happens something which almost stretched their relation to the gap which could never be fulfilled. Will there be any escape for Aarush and Aarohi? Or love will give up in the battle of survival?

For answers fetch your copy now!! It will be a good read for the ones who prefer romance on first slot!


Positive Punches:

• Language, simple and straight yet effective!

• Book cover, can lure a reader to give it a chance!

• Narration, the way author has crafted the end of story can make you melt in pages! Dramatic yet satisfactory!


Negative Nudge:

• Editing! It is clearly affecting this work! Hairs instead of Hair? Highly disappointing!

• Story goes filmy at times, hard to digest.

• At some places hindi words are added, translation for them is required for non hindi readers.



4/5 (Romance lovers, stop reading reviews read the book NOW!)


Overall it was a good to heart romance! All the best to author and team! Fetch your copy from:


Love Heals Everything


Book Review- The Justified Sin by Harpreet Makkar.

Author: Harpreet Makkar
Publishers: Petals
Pages: 200
Printed Price: 150 INR.
What do you call it when three beautiful women come in your life, but you are still single? What if they all, at some point, tried to entice you, but you still feel like committing suicide because of loneliness? What do you call it when you made no mistake, but still you feel guilty as sin?

Jay had a common life until Saloni, Prachi and Varsha came in his life and changed everything. At times, he avoided the love that knocked his door, but when he actually needed it, the same love knocked him.

He betrayed… He got betrayed…

He rejected… He got rejected…

From being shot, by Prachi’s father to getting intimate with Varsha under the influence of alcohol, his life was as spicy as those masala bollywood movies…
He was getting used to his life, until, one night, he decides to jump off a building and end everything…
Will there be love, or will it end?
Find out what happens when love has to pay its price.


This book revolves around life of Jay and three girls who enter his life, the one who is destined to be with him and how he finally gets her forever after, this is the story all about!
Story goes simple and normal in first six chapters, thereafter nothing seems normal. It feels like Jay is going on a roller-coaster ride full of emotions and feelings. At times story is fun and at times it clutches the wounds of loneliness.
As a debut author, Harpreet has portrayed his narration quiet well! Long way ahead. Editing mistakes are to be eyed upon seriously. Lets have a look at pros and cons of this book!

Positive punches:
• Narration is quiet good, its hard to put down.
• The way author has described the feelings of Jay, you can take my word while reading this you will feel yourself being in place of Jay.
• Blurb is descriptive and gives a required sneak peek in the story. Builds curiosity.

Negative Nudge:
• The book cover is not related with the story, although can attract readers.
• Editing mistakes are taking toll on this work!

3.5/5. (Must read for those who prefer romance.)

Overall it was a good to read book! All the best to author and team! You can order your copy at:
The Justified Sin: Now love has a new definition

Book Review- First job Ten Mistakes by Uttam Kumar

Author: Uttam Kumar
Publisher: Author’s Ink
Pages: 46
Price: 100/- INR

“Credit cards are your advance salary and not additional salary.”
“Avoid Spear, adopt ESS.”
“Loan for Loan is Suicidal.”
“Its always the first step that matters; rest follows.”


This book can be said to be a handy financial guide. Author has summed up the lessons in an interesting manner by projecting them as mistakes done by most of us regarding career. Author’s efforts are visible as he has listed the preachings and lessons as truthfully as possible. SpEaR theory, First get First Join, Launch Pad, Stop Learning and Career Planning are the few chapters which I found helpful.
Overall I liked the book but few things could be eliminated or could be improved, this leads me to the next section..

Positive Punches:
• You can actually learn from this book and can practically apply it in your life.
• Could be read in an hour, its just 46 pages!

Negative Nudge:
• Cannot interest all kind of readers. Only ones who are keen to know and develop about these ten mistakes, will pick this book.
• Book cover is not describing the theme of book. Cannot attract readers.

All in all, 1st job ten mistakes can be read once and can be looked up to for any financial and career guidance!

3/5 (could be read once)

All the best to author and team. Order your copy now from:
1st Job And 10 Mistakes.

Book Review- In love with Shah Rukh Khan by Ajitabha Bose.


Author: Ajitabha Bose
Publishers: Author’s Ink India
Pages: 50
Price: 99 INR
Genre: Fiction.

Everyone has a dream. It’s just that some dreams get fulfilled and others remain confined in hearts.
Ananya was a small town girl and Vivaan was a flirt. Life takes a different turn when love brought them together.
She had a dream of meeting Shah Rukh Khan. He promised to fulfill it.
What lies ahead?
Where will destiny lead them?
Read this heartwarming tale of love, dreams and emotions.


This story is about two individuals, who are as different as possible from each other. They met. Fell in love. Fulfilled the promises and parted off forever. All this in just 50 pages! Author writes such sweet and short stories which can be gobbled up like candies, which are never enough for anyone!
For Shah Rukh Khan fans, it is a book to die for. A soulful read which stirs you deep within. Only thing I can list as a drawback is, in his previous story too author’s male lead was drunk but never lost his moral and the scene is repeated in this one! Well not actually a drawback but yeah I read books with eagle’s eye! (Wink)

Positive Punches:
• Can be read in 20 mins, and it looks so damn cute! Recommended gift for Shah Rukh Khan Fans!
• Soul stirring story and captivating narration! Binds the reader.

Negative Nudge:
• Not much, just that scene which is repeated caught my eye. Else everything is like a piece  of chocolate in this book!

4.5/5 (Read it immediately!)

All the best to author and team. You can purchase your copy from:
In Love With Shah Rukh Khan

Heart of Bullets by Nikhil Kushwaha- Book Review.


Author: Nikhil Kushwaha
Publishers: Petals
Price: 195 INR
Pages: 293

‘The only way to get close to those glittering stars in heaven is, to look at a soldier with stars on his shoulders’
Every time, they are around, the thing that we see is the bravery inside the iron chest, some untold stories, sacrifices, and the hardship they’ve been tough. Every soldier has a story that is unique and extra ordinary.
A tale of brotherhood & heroism, a tale of love and betrayal, ‘Heart of Bullets’,is about two best friends, Arpan & Sam, and the untold story of their friendship, untold story of their love, Shradha, but what happens when Sam gets hit by the enemy- across the border?
What will Arpan do to save his friend? Will love prevail over friendship of lifetime?
There is a decision to be made, is the life without love, and friends, better than dying to save the one we love the most?

This book is a song with various many melodies. As the blurb indicates, it is a tale of love, brotherhood, friendship, heroism and betrayal. Soldiers being unsung heroes of all time are respected in the society. But, the other face of life which they go through is something more than what we see in movies. In this book, author has deliberately tried to pen down the actual stories behind the scene, which are quiet convincing.
Coming to the narration of book I must say the author has a captivating way of narration, binds reader to complete the book as-soon-as-possible. Whereas, in first two chapters the story was slow and lost its pace in some chapters. Getting closer, The proposal, Caught red handed, The last bullet can be said to be strong chapters!!

Positive Punches:
• Touches heart, soulful read, a read to relish relations!
• Thick Narration, cannot be put down easily!
• Characterization, at a few points you find yourself talking to characters!

Negative Nudge:
• Book cover! Bah a big big big disaster to this work! Could have been much better! Cannot attract reader!
• First two chapters, story is really slow, more than required. Can disappoint readers who judge the book from first few chapters.
• Ending, it actually broke my heart man! By the last chapter reader starts feeling ‘This story should end on a better mode!’ and it doesn’t. Sobs
• Editing mistakes! Need to be looked upon seriously!!

3.5/5, (0.5 is down for book cover, one down for first two chapters and one down for ending. By the way, why I am explaining my ratings?)

Overall, Heart of Bullets is a book of its own kind. A read which will not be regretted!

Order your copy now at:
Heart of Bullets